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The Fox Productions Website Custom music for broadcast, voice talent, and more.

Night Frights These days, Mike Fox is putting Fox Productions' collective resources into cutting edge special effects for the Haunt Industry. Enter if you dare.

JeanFox.tv Visit the Jean Fox website to get a feel for her many talents: On-Camera Talent, Singing, Professional Make-Up Artist for broadcast, Voiceovers, and more.

Sedona The Band See Mike's alter ego as the lead vocalist and song writer for the band Sedona over its long span of musical exploration.

Mike's Facebook Page Or see more up-to-date info on Mike's Facebook page.

LATEST NEWS: Hear Mike as the voice of DIY Network's "Turf War". Check your local listings for showtimes.

Sacramento's resource for creative media.

Fox Productions serves Northern California
and Nevada creative directors and account reps
with nearly twenty years of experience in producing
award-winning jingles and custom music, voice overs,
and audio production. As we embrace the new technologies
of the 21st Century, Fox Productions is now specializing
in motion graphics, video and audio production and
internet-based multimedia development.

Please make sure your computer's audio has plenty of volume before entering!

***New bonus pages include Halloween video clips from the annual charity Fox Haunt and do-it-yourself Halloween animatronic project How-To pages!***